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MLB Playoffs, Division Series: Giants vs. Braves, Monday 10/11, 6:30 CT

Just how bad do you think this man feels today? (And aren't those uniforms ugly?)
Just how bad do you think this man feels today? (And aren't those uniforms ugly?)

With the Phillies and Yankees completing sweeps of their division series over the weekend, we are now down to single games for each of the next two days, and possibly Wednesday, if the Giants don't finish off the Braves tonight. A few notes:

  • The Phillies and Yankees both get five days off before their LCS begin, the ALCS on Friday, the NLCS on Saturday. MLB has to address this issue -- the playoff schedule is too stretched-out. That's the reason it could end in November, not the regular season being too long.
  • Five years from now, looking back, I believe everyone will wonder, "How did the Cincinnati Reds win the NL Central in 2010?" They scored four runs in the three games and got shut out twice.
  • Once again, yesterday, we saw a perfect example of how quickly a game and playoff series can turn around. The Braves took the lead on a dramatic pinch-homer in the last of the eighth and were one out -- two strikes -- away from taking a 2 games to 1 lead. Even after the tying run scored, they're one out away from going into the last of the ninth tied when Brooks Conrad's error gave the Giants the lead. Psychologically, it's very difficult to recover from mistakes like that -- just ask last year's Cardinals, for example. Prediction: the Giants will close out the Braves tonight.

Use this thread all day and evening for playoff talk -- it's also the game thread.

6:30 pm CDT: Giants at Braves. Giants lead series 2-1. Announcers: Dick Stockton, Bob Brenly and Tom Verducci. Gameday for Braves/Giants

SB Nation game preview for Braves/Giants

Discuss amongst yourselves.