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MLB Playoffs, ALCS Game One: Yankees vs. Rangers, Friday 10/15, 7 pm CT

On paper, this looks like a mismatch. The Rangers' best pitcher, Cliff Lee, can't pitch until Game Three at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees played the same number of postseason games last year as the Rangers have in their entire team history (15). The Yankees swept the Twins as if they weren't even there; the Rangers had to win all three of their road games in the division series to get this far.

And yet... through much of baseball history, underdog teams have won playoff series. That is, as the cliche goes, why they play the games.

That said, I don't expect the Rangers to win this series. There's one more "never" for the Rangers in their limited postseason experience -- they have never won a home playoff game in six tries, including the two this year vs. the Rays. If they can do so tonight, that makes this a very different series.

TBS is covering the ALCS. When the NLCS begins tomorrow, it'll be on Fox. One thing I'd love to see MLB go back to is what they did in the 1950's and 1960's -- have announcers from the participating teams in a playoff series share duties. That way you'd get announcers who are actually familiar with the teams involved.

7 pm CDT, TBS: Yankees at Rangers. Announcers: Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and John Smoltz. Gameday for ALCS Game One

SB Nation game preview for ALCS Game One

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