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MLB Playoffs: ALCS Game Three, Rangers vs. Yankees, Monday 10/18, 7 pm CT

Once up on a time there was a baseball team. It was located on the north side of Chicago.

It was doing all right, not great, just OK, when its third baseman suffered a serious injury.

Unfortunately, that team did not have a suitable backup third baseman. So they asked a guy who's listed as 5-8, but who's really closer to 5-6, to play third base on a semi-regular basis, even though his total of games played prior to that year in the major leagues at third base was zero, and he hadn't played it at all in two years.

Any Cubs fan could have told the Giants that playing Mike Fontenot at third base was a really, really bad idea, no matter how much Pablo Sandoval was struggling. And last night, it hurt them. Presumably, with Cole Hamels going for the Phillies in Game Three tomorrow, Sandoval will be playing third base. Not only did Fontenot's error lead directly to Philadelphia's first run, he was unable to stop Shane Victorino's sharp ground ball down the line that went for a double and the Phillies' second run.

Anyway, we've got two close series. The ALCS continues in New York tonight.

7 pm CDT, TBS: Rangers at Yankees. Series tied 1-1. Announcers: Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and John Smoltz. Gameday for ALCS Game Two

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