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MLB Playoffs: NLCS Game Three, ALCS Game Four, Tuesday 10/19

You knew this already, but man, Cliff Lee is good. REAL good. And no, he won't be coming to the Cubs. Most likely scenario: he stays in Texas.

Anyway, that means the Yankees are now up against mathematical odds. Because even if they can stretch out the series to a seventh game by winning two of the next three, they'll have to face Lee again in Game Seven. It was pointed out last night that in all of Rangers playoff history, they are 3-0 in games started by Lee, 3-12 in all other games. Last night also exposed the soft underbelly of Yankees relievers not named "Kerry Wood" or "Mariano Rivera". This is the first playoff series where the Yankees have not had the lead in games since they lost their division series to the Indians in 2007 -- they did not trail in games in any of their three series last year and swept the Twins this year.

Meanwhile, the Giants and Phillies will resume their series today in one of the few October day games that won't have a huge problem with shadows, as it begins at 1:19 pm PDT. Why they choose these odd times like "1:19" or "7:07" I have no idea. Does anyone at MLB think that any baseball fan would care if you said "7:05" and it started two minutes later? Cubs games that are scheduled at 1:20 often have their first pitch at 1:22.

3 pm CDT, Fox: Phillies at Giants. Series tied 1-1. Announcers: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Gameday for NLCS Game Three

SB Nation game preview for NLCS Game Three

7 pm CDT, TBS: Rangers at Yankees. Rangers lead series 2-1. Announcers: Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling and John Smoltz. Gameday for ALCS Game Four

SB Nation game preview for ALCS Game Four

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