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Cubs Wrigleyville Neighbors Day: A Photo Essay

This morning and early afternoon, the Cubs hosted a few hundred neighbors -- people who live in the zip codes immediately surrounding the ballpark -- for an hour of walking on the grass, throwing a baseball (or in some cases, I saw a football) around, and lunch of hot dogs, chips and soda or beer. There were quite a few families with young kids enjoying the day, and I was lucky enough to be invited to go.

After the jump, some more photos of places you're familiar with, but not necessarily from this close.

The one above deserves a bit of explanation. I believe someone else here posted a similar photo when we were discussing the foul pole; this one shows clearly that the foul line exactly bisects that pole -- until you get to the yellow line above the basket. If a ball hits the yellow portion, it's a home run. If it hits below the pole, it's fair or foul depending on which side of the line it hits on.

Click on photos to open larger versions in new browser windows. Photos by Al Yellon