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Cubs Set New Ticket Price Tiers

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Per this article at Chicago Breaking Sports, the Cubs are adding a pricing tier to tickets next year -- making five tiers in all -- but say there will be reductions in the other four pricing tiers, making many season tickets cost less:
Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts sent letters to season-tickets holders on Friday informing them of the changes.

The Cubs have not announced their ticket prices, and did not reveal exact numbers. Invoices will go out to season-ticket holders in a week or so, the Cubs said.

Cubs president Crane Kenney said the new "marquee" price tier will consist of 13 games, including Opening Day and three series against the New York Yankees, the White Sox and St. Louis. The Cubs said these games will have about a 12 percent average increase, but the "average season ticket holder will see flat," because of the reductions in some platinum, gold, silver and bronze games.

"Unfortunately, it's not as simple a message as your (saying) invoice will be the same as last year," Kenney said. "Overall, you will see flat, but for instance, our bleacher season-ticket holders will see a reduction.

The highest ticket price, for a marquee club box, will be $112, or $126 including the 12 percent amusement tax. The previous highest price tier was the platinum, with the highest ticket price at $100, or $112 with the tax. The least expensive is $8 bronze ticket for upper reserved grandstand seats.

The Cubs said 550,000 more tickets, or about a 77 % increase from 2010, will be available for $20 or under.

I have not yet received this letter -- in the past such letters have come by email, if so, I will post the entire text here. If it comes by snail-mail, I'll scan it and also post a copy here.

UPDATE: letter from Tom Ricketts received. I have posted it in the comments.