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MLB Playoffs, Division Series Day Four: Heading For A Conclusion

When did you ever think you'd see the guy on the right celebrating a playoff win? (Hint: it's his first.
When did you ever think you'd see the guy on the right celebrating a playoff win? (Hint: it's his first.

We almost -- almost -- got through Day Three of the division series without an egregiously bad umpiring call, although the same umpire -- Paul Emmel -- who made Thursday's awful call at second base made a questionable one last night. If you haven't seen it, I expanded on my post regarding the Buster Posey incident yesterday at SB Nation Chicago.

That got Braves manager Bobby Cox tossed from a postseason game for the third time, but ultimately, his team prevailed in extra innings.

That's the only series that won't be swept; the Braves' 5-4, 11-inning win over the Giants assured us that series will go through at least Monday. The other three series could all be wrapped up tomorrow. That raises this issue: baseball now sets its LCS and World Series dates in stone before the season even begins. If three series wrap up by Sunday, those teams won't play again until at least Friday and possibly Saturday, a week from now. Should MLB reschedule its postseason series the way the NHL does, move them up? (I can hear Bud Selig now, "But how will we get hotel rooms?")

The two AL series are the only action today; please use this thread for all division series discussion all day -- it's supposed to function as a game thread as well as a discussion thread for other things about the playoffs. Again, if this thread gets slow for any reason, please post an overflow in the FanShot section.

All games on TBS; as last night, if the first one runs long, they'll start televising the second one on TNT.

4:00 pm CDT: Rays at Rangers. Rangers lead series 2-0. Announcers: Don Orsillo, Buck Martinez and Marc Fein. Gameday for Rays/Rangers

7:30 pm CDT: Twins at Yankees. Yankees lead series 2-0. Announcers: Ernie Johnson, John Smoltz, Ron Darling and Craig Sager. Gameday for Twins/Yankees

SB Nation game preview for Rays/Rangers

SB Nation game preview for Twins/Yankees

Discuss amongst yourselves.