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Will Greg Maddux Influence The Cubs On Free Agents?

I have no personal knowledge of this, but I assume Greg Maddux, as special assistant to Jim Hendry, was in attendance at the Cubs organizational meetings last week.

This will be the first time Maddux, who was hired after the 2010 season started, will have been able to sit in on those meetings and offer his thoughts on the future.

I'm making this post, actually, at Jessica's suggestion -- because as you know, she keeps track of All Things Maddux. She emailed me a number of names of pitchers who came under Maddux's wing in his time with the Braves, Dodgers and Padres -- as you probably remember, Sean Marshall spent a lot of time with Maddux in 2006 when Marshall was a rookie and Maddux was finishing his second stint with the Cubs.

There are four pitchers of varying value who should be available who all have said in the past that Maddux has helped them out. They are: Brad Penny, Kevin Millwood, Kyle Davies and Chris Young.

Should the Cubs go after any of these four? I really have no strong opinions about any of them (except Penny, who has a reputation as a bit of a hothead, but even that isn't that strong of an opinion). The Cubs have been linked to Millwood in the past; he had a terrible year in 2010 and is about to turn 36. Young had that celebrated fight with Derrek Lee and is coming off injuries; Davies isn't a free agent but might be non-tendered by the Royals.

Discuss, as they say, amongst yourselves.