Shooting from the Hip - the $200MM Renovation?

Some of you may be hearing today as (Tuesday) Tom Ricketts makes his case as to why the City of Chicago should allow an even larger entertainment tax on tickets to fund Wrigley's renovation and expansion.

This is in spite of the fact that by many accounts Wrigley is among the most expensive to take in a ball-game already!

I can see $100 bleacher tickets coming down the pike, face value, within the next 5-7 years, when all is said and done.

As a long-suffering fan (1st game, 1968), and "STH" (4 seats in a Combo Plan), from my viewpoint I would be more interested in a perennially winning team (like the Cardinals in our own Division), than being able to order a cheeseburger medium-rare. But that's just me.

Just how much more are we going to have to keep paying to see a baseball game on the North Side?

Since the Tribune Company took over ownership of the Cubs, it has been an easy sell to market the "Friendly Confines" in lieu of a Pennant winner or World Series champ. Heck, even teams that finished over .500 more often than not! I suppose if the team won consistently I could grudgingly accept cost increases. And while I like hanging out at Wrigley, the objective for my teams are to win the Championship of their respective sport every year. Bears, Bulls, Cubs, and Hawks.

However, those of us emotionally or financially invested in this franchise deserve more than the PNC Club if the team is going to anchor its business model on the backs of the taxpayer.

So far, I am not impressed with what the new owners are doing and I fear that they spent every available dollar to purchase the club, and it will be a long while until the team can "afford" marquis players again, which considering that we are the 3rd largest market - is a head-scratcher. On top of it - WHY is Crane Kenny still President of the Cubs??

No doubt Tom Ricketts is a nice (and wealthy) man, but I simply do not agree with him on this maneuver. Let him raise funds privately and keep ticket prices in-line with the product we get on the field.

I am curious what the rest of you feel? How did "YEAR ONE" go for you? Was it a Way of Life?

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