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Bobby Scales, Four Others Get Cubs Spring Training NRIs

Via tweet from Carrie, we learn the identities of five players who will receive non-roster invitations from the Cubs to 2011 spring training:

#Cubs non roster invitee list for Spring Training so far includes RHP Guzman, IF Scales, OF Adduci, IF Moore and LHP Scott Rice

Bobby Scales. To quote that new Windows Phone commercial, "Really?" Seriously? Scales turned 33 last month. I'm sure he's a really nice guy and the fact that he played 11 minor league seasons is a fine story, but -- really? What chance does he have to make the 2011 team? Why would you even bother giving someone like that spring training playing time? I know Scales has been a mentor to younger players, but isn't it time to give him a minor league coaching job so he can do that?

Three of the others -- Angel Guzman, James Adduci and the just-reacquired Scott Moore -- are no surprises. I had to look up Scott Rice -- he's a 29-year-old lefthander who has spent 11 years in the minor leagues, mostly in the Orioles organization, last year in the Rockies system. He has spent parts of two years in Triple-A in all that time.

Kind of a pitching version of Bobby Scales, if you ask me. Welcome to the Cubs, Scott -- I think.