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Cubs Outsource Publications Department

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The Cubs' Vine Line, Scorecard and other publications will now be produced by an outside company.
The Cubs' Vine Line, Scorecard and other publications will now be produced by an outside company.

No, Cubs publications aren't being sent to India -- just Cincinnati. (Insert joke here.)

Since the Cubs first printed a scorecard more than 100 years ago, followed by yearbooks, magazines, programs and other publications, they have been handled by writers and editors in-house. Among those writers and editors are my friend Jim McArdle, whose book "Living The Dream", a chronicle of the 2008 season, is an enjoyable read. McArdle was the editor of Vine Line for a number of years before leaving to write that book. (Yes, Jim, you're welcome for the plug.)

Now, the Cubs are outsourcing their publications to EMI Network, a Cincinnati-based company that does publications for a number of other pro sports teams and various clients including Elmhurst College, Eastern Illinois University, PNC Bank, various large law firms and US News & World Report.

Under this new arrangement, EMI Network will operate and manage all aspects of the Cubs’ Publications & Creative Services Department, including publication of Vine Line magazine as well as photography, video and graphic services. EMI will work with the Cubs publications and creative services people to continue to produce the same content that you've been seeing in Vine Line, the scorecard magazine wraparound and the yearbook, so if you subscribe to Vine Line or buy the other publications at the ballpark, you won't see much of a change in that area.

EMI assumed responsibility for day-to-day operations of the Publications and Graphic Services Department last week. The current Cubs publications and creative staffers will have the opportunity to stay on with EMI as part of this partnership. I called EMI for more information, but my call was not returned.