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MLB Hall Of Fame Balloting

Voting is going on right now for the 2011 Hall of Fame inductions which will take place next July in Cooperstown. Results will be announced on January 5.

Unfortunately, the polling mechanism here doesn't yet allow us to mimic the BBWAA ballot, which would allow you to vote for up to ten players, with anyone who gets more than 75% of the total vote gaining induction.

So instead, take a look down this list of the 33 players who are eligible this winter and vote for the one player on the list you think most deserving of induction. That will give us at least an idea of how the BBWAA balloting will come out. If you want, you can post the ballot you would submit if you had a vote (up to ten players) in the comments. With Andre Dawson now inducted and Greg Maddux still three years away from consideration, there aren't any strong Cub-connected players on this list, so this poll should be pretty neutral from Cub fans here. The only players on the list who played for the Cubs at all are: Rafael Palmeiro, Fred McGriff, Benito Santiago, Lee Smith and... Lenny Harris. Apart from Smith, there's no one of those five I'd consider voting for.

My ballot, if I had one this year, would be: Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar and Tim Raines. My one pick is Blyleven, who should have been inducted years ago and, hopefully, will get in this time.