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Who Should Succeed Ron Santo In The WGN/Cubs Radio Booth?

We all agree, I presume, that no one can replace Ron Santo alongside Pat Hughes in the WGN radio booth for Cubs games.

However, in the near future someone will be hired to succeed him in that position. Yesterday, in response to these comments by Bruce Levine at ESPN Chicago:

The Cubs may choose to go in another direction and hire Judd Sirott to do the middle three innings of play-by-play, while both he and Hughes contribute to the other broadcast. Sirott has broadcasted the fifth inning on radio over the last few seasons and has improved to the point that he should be in consideration for a major league broadcasting job.

... this FanShot was started in which pretty much everyone said that would be a terrible idea. (Which it would be.)

This morning in the Tribune, Paul Sullivan has more information on the search, including these details:

  • Pat Hughes will definitely have some input
  • They're looking for a former player, and preferably a former Cub
  • They hope to have an announcement at the Cubs Convention

So, here's your chance to vote. The poll below has every name mentioned in Sullivan's article, in alphabetical order (I left Steve Stone off, because the article says he's not likely to want to come back, and I figure he'd probably win this poll going away). Vote for your choice -- if the person you prefer is not on the list, vote for "Someone else" and put your choice in the comments.