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Should The Cubs Offer Kosuke Fukudome To The Phillies?

The Nationals signed Jayson Werth to ... well, from my view it's an absolutely ridiculous deal, a seven-year, $126 million contract. Werth is a fine player, but by the time this deal is over, Nats fans may be complaining the way Cubs fans are now about Alfonso Soriano's deal.

The Phillies, presumably, let Werth go (although it appears they weren't interested in giving him more than 3-4 years and Scott Boras was quoted as saying that he didn't even bother asking anyone if they wanted to match Washington's offer) because they have top prospect Domonic Brown ready to step in and play right field for them.

But what if they aren't convinced the 23-year-old Brown is ready for fulltime duty next year? Or what if they think Brown might have to spell Raul Ibanez, who turns 39 in June and who declined somewhat last year?

Fukudome might be a decent one-year answer for the Phillies in right field; if they'd take half the contract, it would be a smart move for the Cubs, who could then open right field for Tyler Colvin. Maybe the Cubs could get Ben Francisco in return; he'd be a decent platoon partner for Colvin.

I have no information regarding this; it's simply a move that would seem to make sense for both teams involved. Have at it.