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2010 BCB Community Projections: Marlon Byrd

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Will the Cubs get the Marlon Byrd of the last two years with the Rangers, when he averaged 36 doubles, 15 HR, 71 RBI and .289/.351/.472? (The swing you see here resulted in a three-run homer last September 8 vs. the Indians.)

Or, do we get the guy who was pretty awful in half a season in Washington in 2006?

Byrd has had OPS of over .800 each of the last three years. Based on what I saw when I met him at the Cubs Convention, he seems to have lost some weight and looks like he's in much better shape than he was during the 2009 season.

Combined from 2007-2009, his years in Texas, his OPS+ was 112. We'd take that. Enter your numbers after the jump.