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2010 BCB Community Projections: Carlos Zambrano

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Today is pitcher and catcher reporting day, although the countdown clock on the Cubs website is counting down to 11 am MST tomorrow, the day of the first official workout (many players have been in camp for several days already).

So, since we have gone through the expected starting eight, we'll start with the pitching staff today (bench players will follow).

Just who will Carlos Zambrano be this year? Just to give you an idea of what Z has been in the past, when I was going through possible photos to illustrate this post, there were pictures of Z with Lou on the mound going through various histrionics, pictures of Z hitting, and pictures of Z yelling at umpires.

But this year, to be successful, Z has to focus on his pitching, so that's what I chose. He is still relatively young -- he won't be 29 until June 1. Personally, I think he steps up and has his best overall season. Post your projections after the jump. There are a couple of special categories just for Z.