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Wrigley Field Ticket Wristband Field Report

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Year 1 of five straight pennants, we hope

The photo above is what you'll see on the cover of the new pocket schedules at Wrigley Field if you go there to get a ticket wristband. They are open until 10 pm tonight and from 7 am till 10 pm tomorrow. I can report that for the first time in memory -- since they started the wristband system several years ago -- there was absolutely no line in midafternoon (I was there just after 2 pm). Even last year, there was a ten-minute wait, and some years the line snaked around the ballpark for up to 90 minutes.

I'm not sure if this means demand is lower in general, or just because a lot of people who might otherwise have done the wristbands have bought season tickets this year. We'll find out on Friday.

Other notes after the jump.

  • You can now join a Cubs Newborn Club for your new baby, for $45.
  • The Wrigley Field fantasy camp that was advertised at the Cubs Convention for July 25 and 26, has been moved to August 8 and August 9. The flyer says you get "first-class treatment" for the game vs. the Reds on August 8, and then participate in the fantasy camp on August 9 (Cubs are on the road that day). It says to check the Cubs website for more info, but I can't find any.
  • There will be another "Road to Wrigley" minor league game this summer. No date or team is mentioned on the flyer they passed out, but I have heard rumors it may involve Iowa again.
  • The promotional schedule as noted on the pocket schedule has been updated; it appears now to match what's posted here.
  • You'll get a free copy of the January Vine Line if you go and get a wristband. Don't expect too many pocket schedules, though. I had to practically beg to get four of them.
  • No update on ballpark construction -- it looked the same today as it did last week when I was there.
  • Good luck on Friday!