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2010 BCB Community Projections: Ryan Dempster

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As everyone knows, Ryan Dempster had a tough year in 2009. A lot of his early-season failures, I believe, were due to him having to fly back and forth to Phoenix to help look after his newborn daughter, who was in intensive care after being born with DiGeorge Syndrome, which affects her ability to swallow.

After she and Dempster's wife returned to Chicago, his numbers improved -- until his ill-considered leap over the dugout railing after a win on July 2, which resulted in a broken toe (I've had one of those. They hurt. A lot.) that cost him nearly a month.

But after he returned from the DL on July 28, he pitched like the Dempster of 2008. In 14 starts he went only 6-5, but posted an ERA of 3.15 in 94.1 innings, walked only 21 and struck out 83. 12 of the 14 were quality starts, and two of those resulted in no-decisions that were losses.

I believe Dempster can return to his 2008 level. Post your projections after the jump.