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2010 Tales From The Cubs VWR

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The winning wristband number is 03300.

If you have a wristband that's within a few hundred numbers of that one (going upward -- if you're just behind it in sequence, you may as well head to your keyboard and telephone, starting at 10 am CT), you should go to Wrigley Field NOW -- you'll be one of the first in line to get tickets when the box office opens at 8 am CT.

Based on the lack of lines to get ticket wristbands this year, demand may be down and it may be easier to get tickets than at any time in the last several years.

For the rest of the day, this thread will serve as your point for complaints, compliments, success stories, abject failure, blowing off steam, whatever you experience on Ticket On-Sale Day. Please don't start dozens of posts on ticket topics; let's consolidate everything here.

Good luck!