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2010 BCB Community Projections: John Grabow

John Grabow threw 72.1 innings in 75 appearances last year. However, that broke down quite differently in his stints with the Pirates and Cubs. With the Pirates he threw 47.1 innings in 45 games; with the Cubs 25 innings in 30 games. His longest appearance as a Cub was 1.1 innings -- with the Pirates, he went longer than that seven times.

Lou could have used him to eat up some of the innings when the starters couldn't get out of the fifth, but he used Grabow more as a LOOGY. I'd like to think that Grabow, and some of the other relievers, could go longer if needed.

I know there are some here that think Grabow got too much money, and that may be true. However, at age 31 he can clearly be a significant contributor to the 2010 Cubs bullpen. He's made at least 63 appearances each of the last six years, and has been on the DL only once in his career, after suffering an elbow injury during spring training three years ago. There has been no recurrence.

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