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2010 Cubs By The Numbers/Haiti Donation Update

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy of "Cubs By The Numbers" directly from me over the last couple of weeks.

I haven't forgotten my pledge to send a donation to Haiti earthquake relief from sales of the book. 40 books were sold through these posts; I pledged $1 per book. Several people gave me additional money to donate, and I added some additional money of my own and yesterday made a $150 donation to Doctors Without Borders, an organization now working to help in Haiti that was highly recommended to me by several people, on behalf of BCB. Just so you know, between the price I paid the publisher for the books, postage to send them to you, Paypal fees, and the money I spent on various mailing materials, this was a break-even effort for me.

Thanks again for buying "Cubs By The Numbers" and helping out the people of Haiti with your generosity. After the jump I have a couple more uniform number changes for 2010.

The Cubs have two more spring training invitees who had not had numbers assigned the last time I posted about this. Chad Tracy will wear #9 and Kevin Millar #15. Bobby Scales, who had originally been assigned #15, will switch to #19. That leaves #5 as the only unassigned number lower than #40.

Here's the updated complete numerical roster list, which is also permanently on the left sidebar.