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What Will We See On Opening Day?: Cubs vs. Giants at Mesa Preview, Wednesday 3/10, 2:05 CT

Lou Piniella says yesterday's lineup vs. the Brewers is likely the one you'll see April 5 in Atlanta:

Piniella said the lineup Tuesday is likely to be the Opening Day lineup, with Ryan Theriot, Kosuke Fukudome, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Marlon Byrd, Alfonso Soriano, Fontenot and Geovany Soto, in that order.

Jeff Baker still might challenge for the starting job at second base, he said.

Piniella added the bench might include ''one or two'' rookie outfielders from a group including Brad Snyder, Tyler Colvin, Jim Adduci and Sam Fuld, who has spent time with the Cubs.

"I would think that the way we're set up here that one of these young kids will make the team," Piniella said.

I don't see Snyder or Adduci making the team (although see below, Adduci is starting today) -- to me, the competition is between Fuld and Colvin. But does this mean that Lou might actually consider an 11-man pitching staff? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, today, Xavier Nady makes his Cubs debut as DH -- via tweet from Carrie:

Xavier Nady will make #cubs debut. He's starting as DH vs #giants. it's Theriot, Byrd, Lee, Ramy, Nady, Sori, Baker, Hill, Adduci in RF

Note for people wondering why the Cubs are using a DH in a home game -- this is permissible in spring training games as long as both teams consent.

Carlos Zambrano will make his second spring start and likely go three innings. The Giants will counter with lefthander Jonathan Sanchez.

Today's game is on MLB Audio via announcers. Here's the complete Mediacenter for today. Gameday

SB Nation game preview

First pitch thread will post at 2 pm CST. An overflow thread will post at 3:15 CST.

Discuss amongst yourselves.