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2009 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest Results

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Since the Free Agent Frenzy contest on which we based ours ended on March 1, I have decided to declare our contest, posted last November 16, over, even though one free agent from the list has not yet signed. Here are the 15 free agents in the contest and the teams they signed with:

Jason Bay, Mets Erik Bedard, Mariners Russell Branyan, Indians Aroldis Chapman, Reds Johnny Damon, Tigers Mark DeRosa, Giants Jermaine Dye, unsigned Chone Figgins, Mariners Vladimir Guerrero, Rangers Rich Harden, Rangers Matt Holliday, Cardinals John Lackey, Red Sox Hideki Matsui, Angels Miguel Tejada, Orioles Jose Valverde, Tigers

After the jump, the winner.

Scoring in the contest went this way: everyone put a "confidence" level for each free agent. For example, if you were 100% sure DeRosa was going to sign with the Giants, you'd give that pick 15 points and you would have gotten 15 for it, and so on down to your least confident pick, which got one point.

This year, unlike previous years, many entrants (myself included) got scores of... zero. Last year's winners (a tie) got 80 points. This year... well, here are the top three.

lswaidz 37 ScottT 22 DeRoMyHero 17

lswaidz, email me and I'll arrange to send you your prize, a copy of "The Cubs", a comprehensive history of the Cubs by Glenn Stout. Thanks to everyone who entered. Many thanks also to BCB reader StampMe, who compiled the results.