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Afternoon Delight: Starlin, Fontenot, Millar Band Together For 8-7 Cubs Win

OKLAHOMA CITY -- On my way by car to spring training, I'm stopping overnight here in central Oklahoma before resuming the drive tomorrow.

On the way, via the MLB AtBat app, I was able to listen to the entire game in the car. The Angels announcers provided the feed. There were only a couple of glitches -- first, they had someone in the booth along with the PBP announcer. I could barely hear the guest, though the PBP came through with no trouble. And I had to restart the app about five or six times when it decided to stop on its own. Otherwise it was great, and technology allowed me to do something that simply wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

The Cubs came from behind to beat the Angels 8-7. Randy Wells, after two very good starts, got pounded for six runs in the second inning, and had to be yanked after three. Guess we'll find out later whether this was something really wrong, or whether Wells was working on something that didn't work.

Put into a 6-2 hole, the Cubs fought their way back; Kevin Millar homered and doubled and drove in three; Mike Fontenot also homered, and Starlin Castro continued his torrid spring, going 2-for-2 with a single and double and two RBI.

Castro looks great. I should caution that a lot of his hitting (apart from the games he's started) have been against the minor league pitchers he should be ripping. That's a good sign for him when he's sent back to Iowa to start the season. I hope Lou and the brass aren't lured into doing something they shouldn't. Castro turns 20 next week, and he'll surely be ready next year or maybe even later this year.

But not yet.

The rest of the pitching staff did a fine job, with the exception of Blake Parker, who struck out two, then walked the bases loaded. Thomas Diamond replaced him and walked in a run before ending the inning with another K. Diamond did throw a scoreless ninth and has to still be in the mix for the bullpen.

As should Andrew Cashner, who has been all kinds of impressive this spring. He threw two shutout innings, although issuing a pair of walks. I know the Cubs are looking at him to start, but given the bullpen issues -- why not?

Carlos Zambrano will go tomorrow in Tucson vs. the Rockies' Jeff Francis, who missed all of last year with injuries.

And, the Cubs made nine roster cuts today, none of whom should surprise you. 51 players remain in camp, including 25 pitchers.

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