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2010 BCB Community Projections: Sam Fuld

Tomorrow, at last, we will have a baseball game to pay attention to!

So, this is the last in the community projection series. We will have projected 2010 stats for 22 Cubs players.

Sam Fuld has become a fan favorite for his hustle, attitude and propensity to almost literally run through walls to catch baseballs. He also showed decent offensive ability, hitting .299/.409/.412 in 115 plate appearances. Had he not hit that HR on the last day of the season, driving in two runs, he would have set a major league record for most PA in a season with zero RBI.

Seriously, Fuld is a fine backup to have -- he can get on base, pinch-run, and play all three OF positions.

Post your projections after the jump. When SWL has all the spreadsheets tabulated, I'll post the results. Each of the spreadsheets was left open for about a week after posting, so it'll be at least a week from now before the results will be finalized.