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2010 BCB Community Projections: Starting Pitchers

At last, I have received the projections for starting pitchers from SWL. Since these were done quite some time ago, it was before Carlos Silva was named to the starting rotation; his projection will appear in the bullpen post.

I've been assured that the numbers are calculated properly for these. Frankly, I find them a bit optimistic, but if they all come out the way we call 'em -- or even close -- this is likely to be a good year.

Full numbers after the jump.

Carlos Zambrano: W-17 L-8 IP-205 H-170 ER-85 BB-83 SO-181 ERA-3.75 WHIP-1.23

For Z, projections for ejections ranged from 0 to 3.14, and for HR, from 0 to 73. Most common HR number for Z was 4.

Ryan Dempster: W-15 L-8 IP-203 H-177 ER-74 BB-67 SO-171 ERA-3.30 WHIP-1.20

Randy Wells: W-13 L-9 IP-187 H-170 ER-73 BB-53 SO-125 ERA-3.53 WHIP-1.19

Ted Lilly: W-13 L-8 IP-175 H-150 ER-70 BB-48 SO-144 ERA-3.60 WHIP-1.13

For Ted, "catchers run over" ranged from 0 to 9841. Most common number was 1; someone mentioned "A.J." as the one.

Tom Gorzelanny: W-9 L-7 IP-131 H-123 ER-55 BB-51 SO-99 ERA-3.78 WHIP-1.33

For Gorz, holds ranged from 0 to 18; most common number was 5.

Sean Marshall: W-6 L-5 IP-94 H-86 ER-39 BB-36 SO-69 ERA-3.72 WHIP-1.30

For Marshall, holds ranged from 7 to 40; most common number was 9. Also for Sean, for both saves and blown saves, numbers ranged from 0 to 5.

As I noted, some of these seem optimistic, but if the starting staff can put up these numbers -- and each of these pitchers is capable of such a year -- it'll be a good year on the North Side.