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Cubs Trade Sam Fuld To Yankees For PTBNL

The Cubs make a surprise deal just days before opening in Atlanta.

Photo: Getty Images. Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski

MESA, Arizona -- Just four days before Opening Day, and only two days after the Cubs disappointed outfielder Sam Fuld by optioning him to Triple-A Iowa, the ballclub sent Fuld to the New York Yankees early this morning for a player to be named later.

With Tyler Colvin playing so well in spring training, and Xavier Nady already on the bench as the fourth outfielder, there was no room for Fuld, who delighted fans with his hustle on the basepaths and his penchant for diving -- literally -- into walls to catch long fly balls.

With only four true outfielders on the Yankee roster, GM Brian Cashman said, "We can use someone of Sam's versatility to back up all our outfield spots." Manager Joe Girardi, who has a soft spot as a manager for ex-Cubs such as Dontrelle Willis and guys who were rumored to become Cubs such as Curtis Granderson and Chan Ho Park, added, "I'm partial to players who are shorter than I am."

Fuld, though initially shocked by the trade, welcomed the idea of more major league playing time and to be able to be closer to his wife Sarah and infant son Charlie, who now live in New York City.

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Now that all of you -- especially you, Jessica -- have picked yourself up off the floor (and Jessica, I hope you don't need extra blood pressure medication), please look at the top of this post and remind yourself what today's date is.

Thanks to Mike, who draws all the great cartoons here, for the Photoshop job.

Enjoy the rest of your April 1. Today's game is in definite danger of being rained out. And Sam Fuld is still in the organization.