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The 2010 Cactus League Finale: Cubs vs. Rockies at Mesa Preview, Thursday 4/1, 3:05 CT

Although the Cubs have two games left in the Valley of the Sun this weekend at Chase Field, those are not considered official "Cactus League games", since they are not played at the spring training venues. Thus today is this year's Cactus League finale.

Will they get the game in today? The National Weather Service forecast is calling for rain this afternoon, although they have knocked the probability down to 30% from 60%, and just says "increasing clouds". At this writing the sun is out -- so we'll see what's happening at 1 pm.

Carlos Silva faces the Rockies' Jeff Francis in today's game.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Len & Bob will call the game on CSN Chicago; the game will also be televised live nationally on MLB Network. Pat & Ron will be on WGN radio for this one, too. Gameday

SB Nation game preview

As usual, the first pitch thread will post at 3 pm CDT, and the overflow thread at 4:15 pm CDT.

Discuss amongst yourselves.