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2010 BCB Fundraiser: Dempster Family Foundation

I am pleased to announce today that BCB is partnering with the Dempster Family Foundation to raise money for Ryan Dempster's foundation's mission:

to help support children with 22q11.2 Deletion ("22q" and DiGeorge Syndrome)

That's the genetic disease that Ryan's daughter Riley was born with a year ago. The Dempsters are committed to help families with children with this disease, and you can help too.

We've come up with a BCB T-shirt with a BCB site logo on the front, and the Dempster Foundation's logo on the back:



After the jump, you'll find ordering information and further details on how this will benefit the foundation.

You can order the shirt at the new SBN/Bleed Cubbie Blue store. At the moment, it's the only product there, though I may add more later. You can get the shirt in three shades of blue, gray, or black.

$1.50 from every shirt will be donated to the Dempster Family Foundation. Please order your shirt today and help support this great cause. FYI, I haven't given up supporting Project 3000 -- hope to have a new fundraising item for them, too, later this summer.

Thanks, and the Dempster Foundation thanks you too.