A question I cannot answer (AKA Either Lou has gone crazy or I have)


Look, I know I am a "stat" guy and there may be biases or blind spots that I am guilty of so I am asking people who see the game the other way or anyone with a heartbeat to help me with this one. Why, with a guy on 1st in the bottom on the 9th would Lou Pinella willingly pinch hit Koyie Hill for Geo Soto? I can't get my head around this. One one hand you have a catcher who is on fire NBA Jam style and has an OPS over 1.000. The other guy is a career journeyman who has a career OPS under .600. And yet Lou went with the latter option. Can anyone give me a reason for this? Does Lou hate Soto? Does he need to be taken to the funny farm? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?.....Bueller?