Done with Grabow? Done with Lou!

Tonight was the "straw" for me. Finally.

A manager really is not responsible for "winning" that many games, per se. However, they can lose them for you.

So - to bring in a pitcher who completely cannot get the job done, particularly protecting a tiny lead, is just stupid, Lou. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

This crap-ass pitcher sports an ERA of almost 8! Grabow just is overmatched and has shown terrible control, and gets behind hitters leading to disasterous outcomes. Is Lou sticking it up the butt of his GM, pining for a firing?! Was there any legitimate reason, with the much more capable Sean Marshall in the bullpen - not to bring him in?

His WHIP? 1.92!! This for a guy that pitches two thirds of an inning most of the times as a "LOOGY"! For a manager who has stated several times "he plays percentages" - just inexcusable! On top of this, to force Marmol to pitch with no bases open - understanding his customary wildness - insult to injury. WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOU?!!

What management is tacitly stating, and our new owner is condoning, is that there will not be anyone else coming - and if someone does, they would arrive too little too late. A Hendry specialty (Phil Nevin anyone?).

Tom Ricketts could really make his mark, and show some leadership with his decision (through his GM) to finally force Lou to resign, and take his nice severance package and enjoy cocktails and the golf course. I was hoping for more of the "voice of the fan" from the C.E.O. - not the status quo.

Come on Tom! Show your face when times suck - don't just glad hand when the team wins a game...

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