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Cubs Stumble Their Way To 5-4 Extra Inning Loss To Brewers

The Cubs lost to the Brewers 5-4 in 10 innings today by doing all of the following:
  • Making three errors and allowing three unearned runs, including the game-winner, which essentially scored untouched from first base
  • Issuing nine walks to the Brewers, which helped lead to the game running nearly four hours
  • Leaving RISP in the first, fourth and 10th innings.

And generally, playing their worst game of the year. And that's saying something. There's not a whole lot of sense hashing this one out because that would take a very, very long time today and it's rather pointless. Instead, I have something else important to discuss.

The information I posted this morning generated quite a bit of discussion, and since Bruce Miles both responded to this on his blog (in a comment) and also here, I wanted to continue the discussion. First, I want to thank everyone for keeping the discussion on topic and free of personal attacks. I appreciate having an honest disagreement with someone if they don't make it personal, and if they back up their argument with facts or well-thought-out opinions, which you all did. Thanks also to Bruce, someone I have the utmost respect for, for coming here and adding his comments.

I do believe the information I was given is true. I may have made it out to be a bigger deal than it is, and if that is so, I offer unconditional apologies to all involved. However, there may be issues in the clubhouse that might not be public in front of the writers who are there all the time; I concede that the writers, including Bruce, have seen what goes on there and I haven't, and likely won't. I admit that this comes down to hearsay, since I am not going to reveal the source I was given; thus, I would hope that if there are any problems, they get solved.

Nevertheless I thought it was credible information and worth putting out there for discussion. I hope that the team can play better than they did today -- obviously, winning helps morale and a winning clubhouse is going to be a happy clubhouse. Perhaps it can start tomorrow when the interleague portion of the schedule begins. I still believe Lou should be replaced, because he appears detached, disinterested and not leading this team.

Since today seems to be Controversy Day, I learned today (and you've seen it already if you follow my tweets) that the Toyota sign was quietly installed at Wrigley Field. After the jump, some photos of the sign.

I've said many times here that the sign is what it is. I wouldn't have done it, and even with the green posts to "match" the bleacher construction, it still looks out of place. However, I truly don't care that it's there; it doesn't interfere with my watching the game, and if you're looking for it from another seating area or on TV, my question is: why? Aren't you watching baseball, not advertising?

For Ken and the other ballhawks, it may interfere with some of the balls that come onto Waveland, but it seems to me that the sign is too far toward center field to make that much of a difference. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Here are the photos:

Photos by Al Yellon