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Sweepless In Seattle: Cubs Salvage Final Game From Mariners In 13

Write your own caption. (Incidentally, Lou was wrong on this one.)
Write your own caption. (Incidentally, Lou was wrong on this one.)

Yes, that headline is a groaner. But hey, how often do the Cubs play in Seattle, anyway? This is only the second time since interleague play began and the first time since 2002. So at the suggestion of BCB'er Vermont Cubs Fan, I'm using that headline for the Cubs' 3-2, 13-inning win over the Mariners; the Cubs actually do have something to be proud of despite yet another low run total.

That's the same number of runs today as the Mariners gave up in their entire six-game winning streak, which the Cubs snapped this afternoon.

And in order to win this game, the Cubs got five innings of three-hit, scoreless innings from the bullpen, including a shutout frame by John Grabow (gasp!) and two-thirds of one from Bob Howry (double gasp!) and Tom Gorzelanny's first career save.

Skip the triple gasping and save it for this weekend, when we might really need it -- going into the Cell with the White Sox riding a nine-game winning streak during which they, too, have gotten outstanding starting pitching.

Ted Lilly had another great outing this afternoon, giving up only one run in six innings and lowering his ERA to 3.28. Ted started the day second-to-last in the NL in run support (only Charlie Morton of the Pirates is behind him), and this game isn't going to help that ranking.

Nevertheless, the Cubs gutted out several late-inning Seattle rallies, including Carlos Marmol getting out of a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the 10th that he'd pretty much caused himself by walking the first two Mariners hitters of the inning.

And Lou even got a bit animated, coming out and taking his cap off -- something we haven't seen in a couple of years -- to argue a call at third base that replays showed he was clearly wrong about (Chone Figgins' steal in the 10th inning). Maybe Lou had some friends in the stands and he was showing off; it's certainly the most animated any of us has seen him all this season.

[name redacted] made what is likely to be the final appearance of his career against the Cubs as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning; he walked and was stranded. For the series he was 0-for-7 with a pair of walks and his batting average rests at .207. I mention this only because a Seattle-area bar called Norm's is pricing bottles of domestic beer based on [name redacted]'s batting average. They have done this before with other Seattle underperformers such as Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre. But they have added a new feature to this special this year; if [name redacted]

... spazzes out--storming out of the dugout, bumping an ump, flipping off rival fans, accusing an entire city of hating African-Americans (as he did in Chicago)--in the week leading up to a given Monday, Norm's patty melts, aka the "Milton Meltdown," will be discounted to $5 per sandwich, along with the cheapo brews.

Hasn't happened yet, and may not, and in any case, the Cubs leave Seattle and [name redacted] in the rear-view mirror; it would take a sweep on the South Side, but the Cubs still have a chance at a winning interleague record (currently 7-8). Not only that, but doing so would win them that cup (you know, the one that no one seems to want).