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A Few Words About Civility At BCB

I was disgusted and appalled by the behavior of a few in the comments in the Draft Day thread after the Cubs made the unexpected pick of Hayden Simpson.

You can disagree with the pick; disagree with Tim Wilken's reasons for picking him; argue about whether the Cubs are being cheap or not.

But when you giggle and guffaw like 12-year-olds over someone defacing Simpson's Wikipedia page (which I assume has been fixed and I will not repost here), insulting him and his family, that's where I draw the line.

Real human beings with real feelings are involved. As Josh77 said, families of Cubs minor leaguers, and I presume possible draft picks, read this site. I will not let readers of this site turn it into a festival of rudeness; my 14-year-old son has more maturity than some of you showed in that thread.

Some of you seem to have the attitude, "It's only the internet, it doesn't matter." This place is a place where human beings communicate with each other. It does matter. I don't ever want to see behavior like this on this site again.

I'm not opening comments on this post. I'd like all of you who participated to think about what you did, sleep on it, and then come back tomorrow ready to discuss things with civility and respect for others, whether they're other BCB members or people you have never met who are now part of the Cubs family.

Thank you.