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2010 BCB Fundraiser Update: Dempster Family Foundation

Several weeks ago I announced that BCB was partnering with the Dempster Family Foundation to raise money for Ryan Dempster's foundation's mission:

to help support children with 22q11.2 Deletion ("22q" and DiGeorge Syndrome)

I wanted to find a way to get more money to the Foundation. So, I have once again partnered with Strange Cargo, the quirky T-shirt store that's only a block or so from Wrigley Field, to sell these shirts and benefit the Foundation. After the jump, there's info on how to order yours.



You can order the shirt from Strange Cargo at this link. If you're in the neighborhood or near Wrigley for a Cubs game, you can get them at the store, which is located at 3448 N. Clark Street. Strange Cargo will ship worldwide, so those of you outside the US who expressed interest before can now order yours.

And, $8 from every shirt will be donated to the Dempster Family Foundation. My personal take from this is zero, incidentally. Please order your shirt today and help support this great cause. Thanks, and the Dempster Foundation thanks you too.