Cubs Reduce Price On Wrigley Fantasy Camp

This was a subject of discussion here a while back so I thought I'd pass along information I received today at the ballpark.

The price of the Wrigley fantasy camp, scheduled for August 8-9, has been reduced from $7500 to $3000. Interns were handing out flyers at the ballpark today.

That's a pretty drastic price reduction and it may reflect the fact that few were willing to sign up at the higher price. They may get more to sign up at $3000 a person, even though that's still higher than the $3995 charged for a full week at Randy Hundley's camp in Arizona next January.

This is, I believe, more evidence that while "the Wrigley experience" does have value, it has been overvalued. We'll see how many sign up at the new lower price.

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