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Cubs Relievers Help Rockies Set Major League Record In 17-2 Destruction

It was announced yesterday that Lou Piniella would miss games Saturday, Sunday and Monday:

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella will leave the team after Friday's game to head to Tampa, Fla., to attend the funeral of his uncle, Joe Magadan.

Piniella also said he was going to check in on his 90-year-old mother who is also ill.

Magadan was 92.

So for those complaining that he shouldn't do this (yes, I'm looking at you, Jessica), shame on you. Incidentally, if that last name sounds familiar, it should; Joe Magadan's son Dave, who is Lou's first cousin, had a 16-year major league career, played for the Cubs in 1996, and is currently the Red Sox' batting coach. Here is Joe Magadan's obituary.

From Lou's standpoint, he probably wishes he had skipped last night's 17-2 head-shaking loss to the Rockies, too.

The Cubs had actually made a game of it, sneaking to within 5-2 after seven innings -- and if you've seen enough games at Coors Field, you know that's not an insurmountable lead.

Three Cubs relievers, including the normally-reliable Sean Marshall (whose ERA jumped from 1.71 to 2.53 last night), gave the Rockies 12 runs in that eighth inning. Here, have some synonyms for "disastrous":

adverse, calamitous, cataclysmal, cataclysmic, catastrophic, destructive, devastating, dire, distressing, dreadful, fatal, fateful, hapless, harmful, ill-fated, ill-starred, luckless, ruinous, terrible, tragic, unfavorable, unfortunate, unlucky, unpropitious, untoward

The Rockies, at one point, had a major league record 11 consecutive hits. They batted around... twice, sending 18 men to the plate. The Cubs had four hits all night; Carlos Gonzalez had four by himself, including two in that inning. All the runs scored after two were out. The last time the Cubs gave up a 12-run inning was September 24, 1985 to the Expos at Wrigley Field; future Cub Andre Dawson hit two home runs in that inning, and yet the Cubs, trailing 15-2 after that 12-run frame (the fifth), nearly came back to win that game, scoring 12 runs in the last three innings and bringing the tying run to the plate in the last of the ninth.

Not so last night. You can't even blame pitchers who should be in the minor leagues or who "aren't ready" -- Andrew Cashner, who's been pretty good up to now, gave up six hits and all the runners scored; he didn't get anyone out and his ERA jumped to 6.76. Brian Schlitter, who probably shouldn't be in the major leagues, ended the carnage, but not until he had given up a pair of hits and two walks.

As of now, the Cubs have not made any deals and the overnight rumor mill includes a mention here from Ken Rosenthal that the Astros are now open to trading Brett Myers. That might push Ted Lilly down the "desired" list. You can use this thread to discuss any trade rumors before 3 pm CDT, which is the official deadline (though some deals could actually be announced after that, once official paperwork is filed on deadline trades). If the Cubs make an actual deal, I'll start a fresh thread on the front page.

In the meantime, laugh off last night's loss. What else can you do?