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What's The Worst Cubs Team You've Seen?

The 2010 season seems to get more ridiculous with each loss -- almost beyond description at this point.

But here, let me try. Of the 82 games played to date, the Cubs have scored three runs or fewer in 43 of them -- more than half. Their record in those games is 7-36, which actually is pretty good (that's two wins by 1-0, one by 2-0, two by 3-1, and two by 3-2). They are 11-19 in one-run games, which is awful. And they have allowed 54 unearned runs, which is horrific -- by far the most in the major leagues.

But wait! There's more! According to this article, the Cubs allowed eight or more runs in an inning to an opponent twice in a single series (this past weekend to the Reds) for the first time in Wrigley Field history.

And Ryan Theriot now has as many extra-base hits (eight; seven doubles and a triple) as GIDP.

How does this season rank in comparison to other bad years in recent Cubs history? I posted a poll over at SB Nation Chicago (shameless plug: if you haven't checked it out, please do). You can vote in that poll, but I'm also reposting it here.

Vote for your choice for worst Cubs season in the last 25 years. That's an arbitrary choice -- I figured I'd start with 1985, the year after the Cubs made the postseason for the first time in 39 years.

And let the record show that this post is made not to bash this team we all love, but because we all want things to get better, so we don't have seasons like this in the future, and so I never have to make a post like this again.