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Cubs Announce Game Time Changes

You'd better get out a notebook to take notes, because there are quite a few of these.

The game against the Phillies on Sunday, July 18, on original schedules as a 5:05 pm CDT start, will now start at 7:05 pm. It's still the ESPN Sunday night game.

ESPN has also chosen the Sunday, July 25 game vs. the Cardinals as their feature game. (Just think! The wisdom of Joe Morgan at Wrigley two weeks in a row!) That game will also begin at 7:05 pm CDT.

That will make the maximum number of Sunday night appearances allowed for home games (and the Cubs will be on three consecutive Sunday nights, because the Cubs/Dodgers game this Sunday is also scheduled for ESPN's night game). Thus, two games previously listed as "TBD" -- Sunday, August 22 vs the Braves, and the last home game of the season, Sunday, September 26 vs. the Cardinals -- will both now be 1:20 pm CDT starts and be televised on WGN.

One final change -- the game on Saturday, September 4 vs. the Mets, originally scheduled to be a 3:10 start and televised regionally on Fox-TV, will now be a 12:05 pm CDT game and be televised on WGN.

Got all of 'em? Class dismissed.