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Archer, Jackson, Vitters To Arizona Fall League

Brett Jackson catches a fly ball during this year's Futures Game in Anaheim.
Brett Jackson catches a fly ball during this year's Futures Game in Anaheim.

I do not have official confirmation of this yet, but Oneri Fleita was on WGN Radio this afternoon, and via this tweet and this tweet from The CCO (Chicago Cubs Online), the Cubs are sending Chris Archer, Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters to the Arizona Fall League:

#Cubs According to Oneri Fleita (WGN Radio), Chris Archer (7-1, 0.58 ERA, 1.12 WHIP in AA) & Brett Jackson will play in the AFL this year.
#Cubs According to Oneri Fleita (WGN Radio), Josh Vitters will play in the Arizona Fall League this year, spending time at 1B & 3B

Generally, teams send six players to AFL teams. Each AFL team has five affiliates (the Mesa Solar Sox, where the Cubs send players, will also have players from the Angels, Mets, Phillies and Pirates). No word on who the other Cubs minor leaguers will be yet, but Casey Kopitzke, manager at Peoria, will be Solar Sox manager. Here's some schedule information:

The AFL begins its 19th season on Tuesday, October 12, and concludes with a championship game on Saturday, November 20. The annual Rising Stars game is slated for Saturday, Nov. 6.

When more information is available, I'll post it, or if Josh can find out more, he may post it in one of the minor league wraps. Finally, many AFL players are considered to be top candidates to be on a fast track to the major leagues. The assignment of Archer and Jackson, in particular, would seem to me to indicate that those two will get a full shot at making the 2011 major league roster.