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The 2010 Cubs "Dick & Jane" Reading Primer

Look! See the sunny day.

Oh! Oh! See the beautiful ballpark. See many happy people going in. They are going to watch a baseball game!

Look! There are Dusty and Lou. They decide which players will play today. Look at the players, working on throwing, hitting and fielding the ball!

The game begins. Look! There is Randy. He is pitching very well. He doesn't throw many pitches. Lou is happy!

But Edinson, wearing a bright red cap, is also pitching very well. Dusty is happy too!

Suddenly, everyone looks at Drew. Drew has not been hitting very much. But today, his bat hits the ball hard, and the team wearing red caps scores! Many people visiting Chicago, all wearing red shirts and caps, are happy!

People wearing blue in the beautiful ballpark are bored. Their favorite team is not doing anything. They wonder why, and wonder if something will happen before their sunny afternoon outdoors is over. Or perhaps the blue people will just have another beer.

Oh! Look! There's Drew again. He hit a baseball completely out of the field! The blue people wonder how Drew, who was 2-for-his-last-39, could do such a thing.

Dusty is happy. Dusty is very happy. His team is very good. Lou is sad. His team was good before, but now it is not. Look! Look! What do you want him to do?

Look! Look! Carlos is in the game. People wearing blue like Carlos. He throws the ball very fast. And look! There's Blake! He is about to catch a ball that was hit very, very high.

Oh, no! Blake drops the ball!

The people in the ballpark wearing blue wonder why Lou, or Koyie, doesn't tell Carlos something important about Drew. Drew should be put on first base, on purpose, so that he does not hit the ball hard. Many people think that is a no-brainer.

Look, look, everyone! Drew has hit the ball again. The team wearing red has scored! Dusty is very, very happy again.

The people wearing blue in the ballpark seats are very sad. They think their team will lose again.

But look! There is Blake, walking to first base! And then Mike does the same! So does Kosuke!

Oh! Oh! Starlin was hit with a baseball. He is not happy because it hurts, but the blue team has scored!

The people wearing blue are cheering! Derrek and Aramis are about to bat! The blue people think their team might even win!

But the game ends badly for the blue team. They scored three times. The red team scored four times. The people rooting for the blue team are sad. But they learn to count from the number of times the blue team has made one less run than the other team -- twenty-six, now. It is a good math lesson!