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Should MLB Add More Wild Card Teams To The Postseason?

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It's a slow morning waiting for the Cubs/Brewers game tonight. Obviously, neither of those teams is going to the postseason this year.

But there are some good postseason races going right now -- the NL East and NL West, for example.

ESPN's Jayson Stark says that even though this is true, there's a downside to the way it is now: the Yankees and Rays are having a tight divisional race -- but with both teams pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot, the only thing at stake is home field. What if the stakes were raised? In his latest "Rumblings and Grumblings", Stark lays out the scenario for adding one wild card team in each league, and why it would be a good idea:

After the season, the six division winners would get a break to rest up, heal up and set up their pitching. And those two wild cards? They'd be forced to play each other in the dramatic new Wild Card Round of the postseason, just to survive and move on.

That could be a one-game, loser-go-home, March Madness kind of deal. Or it could be a best-of-three. We'll get to that shortly.

But either way, think about the effect on a race like Yankees-Rays. Who would want to be a wild card and get thrown into the precarious wild-card survivor jungle when you could finish first and avoid all that?

The rest of the article goes on to explain how this would all work (including the fact that doing this would force teams to use all five of their starters in the postseason, something no team does now), and how it is being quietly proposed to both players and management. Players appear to like the idea, and it could happen by 2012.

So -- what do you think? I like the idea, myself.