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Cubs Trade Tom Gorzelanny To Nationals

As first posted in this FanShot and reported by Bruce Levine at, lefthander Tom Gorzelanny has been traded by the Cubs to the Nationals for three prospects, which will include "two pitchers and an outfielder", according to Levine.

Well, at least Gorzo got to enjoy a weekend at the Cubs Convention before he was sent away.

This leaves the Cubs with no lefthanders in the rotation, although manager Mike Quade says he may try James Russell there. That, in my opinion (and I agree with Josh who said the same thing in the FanShot), would be a mistake. Russell did start in the minors, but he wasn't very good at it. He's better off as a LOOGY. In fact, if the Cubs do have an all-righty rotation, having three LHP (Sean Marshall, John Grabow and Russell) in the bullpen could be an advantage, forcing opposing managers to flip lineups in the late innings.

Gorzo did a good job; he wasn't spectacular, but did what he was asked, including going to the bullpen last year. I think I'll remember him most for the shots he took off his body -- twice -- last year when line drives came right back at him.