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Soccer At Wrigley Field?

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Since there's still no Cubs news today... and we are still waiting for the resolution of Roster-gate, let's talk about... soccer.

That's right, soccer, the game most of the rest of the world loves but is greeted with a collective yawn from most of North America. That said, soccer's fans are extremely passionate about their sport and that includes Tweed Thornton, who runs SB Nation's Chicago Fire blog, Hot Time in Old Town. Today, Tweed writes about the possibility of Manchester United playing a "friendly" at Wrigley Field:

Last June, the Tribune ran a story that mentioned the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Cubs were at least discussing the idea of bringing soccer to Wrigley Field for the first time since the Chicago Sting played there in 1984. That story kind of died away but EPL Talk recently mentioned Wrigley Field as a possible venue for Manchester United's seemingly annual summer trip to the United States.
An unnamed source revealed to EPL Talk that Manchester United are considering playing one of their pre-season friendlies at Wrigley Field, the iconic baseball stadium that is famous for its ivy covered brick outfield wall and is the home to the Chicago Cubs.

Thornton goes on to say that this could be done during a Cubs road trip later in the season -- that's surely possible. But it would not be the first time soccer was played at Wrigley Field; the Chicago Sting of the old North American Soccer League played some of its games at Wrigley from 1977-84; they drew a couple of crowds of over 30,000 in one week in July 1978, and played there as late as September 3, 1984. The field was laid out in a similar configuration to the Northwestern game in November, from the right field wall to the third base dugout.

Here's video from a Sting game played against the New York Cosmos at Wrigley on June 28, 1981:

What do you think? Seems like another logical and easy way to bring in some extra revenue for the Cubs; Man U is quite popular and would likely draw fans from overseas. I just can't get over that term "friendly" for an exhibition game -- what does that mean the regular games are? Outright hatred?