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Carlos Marmol, Four Other Cubs Can File For Arbitration

Starting tomorrow, Carlos Marmol and four other arb-eligible Cubs can file for arbitration. Here are the particulars:

Cubs pitchers Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall and Tom Gorzelanny, and catchers Geovany Soto and Koyie Hill can file for salary arbitration.

The five have at least three but fewer than six years of service in Major League Baseball. Players have until Jan. 15 to file, and the two sides will exchange salary figures Jan. 18. If they cannot reach an agreement, the two sides will present their cases before an arbitrator during hearings, which will take place from Feb. 1-21.

In general, Cubs players have settled with management far before an arb hearing, during the Jim Hendry era as general manager. The sole exception to that was Ryan Theriot, who took the team to a hearing and lost last year, probably greasing his way toward his exit from the Cubs last July.

What are your thoughts on how much these five will receive for their 2011 contracts? This may be one reason the Cubs are waiting to see if they can sign someone else; they need to see what these players are asking for. Marmol, Soto and Marshall are likely to ask for (and receive) the largest increases.