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2011 World Series Game 4: Cardinals at Rangers, Sunday 10/23, 7:05 CT

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The Bears have won their spectacle of a game in England this afternoon; now, a Rangers win over the Cardinals would make it just about a perfect day for Chicago sports fans.

Perhaps tonight, there won't be any egregiously bad umpiring calls, as there were in Game 3. Replay NOW!

Edwin Jackson will face Derek Holland in tonight's game. Full game details after the jump.

Game time for Rangers/Cardinals: 7:05 pm. CDT. Cardinals lead series 2-1. TV: Fox. Announcers: Joe Buck & Tim McCarver (get your mute button ready). Gameday for World Series Game 4

SB Nation game preview for World Series Game 4 game preview for World Series Game 4

This is the only thread I'm posting for today's game. If you need overflows due to extra innings or rain delays, post them in the fanshot section.

Discuss amongst yourselves.