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A Review Of BCB Posting Tips

We've had a lot of new members join this year. I thought that now, during the offseason, it would be a good time to tell everyone again how to make your FanPosts and FanShots look better. This is only to help you, not to criticize; if you format your posts better and put more interesting headlines on them, you'll get more people to read them.

Rather than rehash everything here on the front page, I'll point you first at BCB 101: An Overview Of Posting And Commenting, which I first put together more than two years ago. It's still a good summary of how to make good posts. The only thing I'll add to it is this: if you are posting a link in a FanShot, use the "link" tab in the FanShot posting window. Then you can add some comments below. That will make it easier for people to read your post and follow your link.

This post about FanPosts from November 2008 and this update I wrote to it in April 2009 contain some useful hints about how to make good posts here. Please remember that BCB is not a message board; just posting a couple of lines about something you've heard about doesn't make a good post. Think about what you're posting a little; put some of your own thoughts or analysis into it. Some of the best FanPosts come from people who have taken a little time to organize their thoughts around an idea and back it up with facts or statistics. All of these links reside permanently on the right sidebar under "BCB Specials & Site Info" so you can come back and refer to them any time.

Again, this is not intended as a criticism of anyone, just some hints that will help you make better posts. One last thing: it's not mandatory, but I personally (and SB Nation as a matter of editorial policy) like to use headlines where Every Word Is Capitalized. If you do that, the posting lists will look more consistent.

Thanks, and let's hope we get a new GM soon.