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Baseball Voices: Pat Hughes Compiles The Best Of Ron Santo

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"Oh, nooooooooo!"

As a Cubs fan, you no doubt remember exactly what that means, and possibly even where you were when you heard Ron Santo utter that immortal broadcast phrase on WGN Radio. (In case you need to be reminded, it was at the end of this game.)

Now, WGN's Pat Hughes has put together, in a new CD, a number of his favorite moments with Ron over the 15 years they spent together in the WGN broadcast booth. You'll hear the moment above (from 1998), the time Ron's hairpiece caught fire in the Shea Stadium press box, and Ron's speech when his number was retired at Wrigley Field in 2003. ("THIS is my Hall of Fame!")

Soon, we hope that we'll hear that Ron was elected by the new Veterans Committee and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Here's some info on the vote, which will take place at MLB's winter meetings in Dallas on Dec. 4 and 5.

In the meantime, this CD is a great way to reminisce. You can preview the clips and buy it at this iTunes link.