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Officially Official: Cubs Get Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt, Ronald Torreyes For Sean Marshall

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At last, this trade is has become and has been announced by press release from the Cubs. Here's the first tweet with the info from earlier today:

Cubs to receive Travis Wood, Dave Sappelt, and Ronald Torreyes for Sean Marshall. Deal to be announced later today.
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I have seen Dave Sappelt play, both in spring training and with the Reds briefly last year. He's 24, an outfielder, has decent plate discipline and plays good defense. In the lower minors he stole quite a few bases, but hasn't shown that in the last couple of years. I confess I know almost nothing about Ronald Torreyes, though from what I have seen on Twitter this morning, the consensus seems to be that the Cubs got a steal. Nice work, TheoJed.

The Marshall trade discussion needed an overflow thread at this point, so have at it.