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Mean Crabgrass Tours (Cubs Roster Anagrams)

This has been done before, but I haven't done it here in quite some time. I took the Cubs' 40-man roster and ran each name through the Internet Anagram Server at

Here are anagrams for 37 players (the 40-man currently stands at 39). The names "Jeff Baker" and "Jeff Stevens" didn't generate any anagrams at all. I added some punctuation to some of them to make them more interesting (and maybe harder to guess).

Have a little fun with this as we wait for tomorrow's first spring training game.

Bearable Carrot Renew Handcars Nosy Gave Too Amazed Jar Jiffs A Clone Slitting Owl Barnyard Wine Panderer Of Zen I Like Holy Arcane Slop Visa Collars Masseurs Jell Raze Arm Mix Loon Safari? Soon My Lord Barn Clean Coma Yes Amidst Man Hood Banjo Hug Me? Pant Dryers Or Keyword Um, Duke Fuse Kook Harass All Men Call Arm Rooms Cameo Stint Tractors Slain Beer Color Lot Drawn Yells Rallied Oafs Torn Ivy Cell Big Jets Run A Cameo Storm A Czar's Roman Lob Slim Tyke Maria Razes Rim Cardinals: Aim, Die! We Tabled Kit Tag, Ma! Tzar Barn Jog. Who?